Alexian Brothers Health Systems

A history of excellence

A future of promise

Building upon a foundation of values and commitment established by a group of men who came to be known as the Alexian Brothers more than 800 years ago, Alexian Brothers Health System has always treated every patient, including the poor and marginalized, with the same consistently elevated level of respect, compassion, and quality care.

First coming to America in 1866, they established their first facility in Chicago, and relocated several times before setting the groundwork for what would become a network of world-class hospitals in the surrounding northwest suburbs.

Alexian Brothers Health System now consists of four hospitals, plus the Alexian Brothers Center for Mental Health, and a broad set of primary-care centers, immediate-care centers, occupational health centers, and specialists to accommodate the needs of patients with a broad range of needs. Regardless of how large our network becomes, we will continue to carry out the work of our namesake from the fifth century — St. Alexius — who was devoted to caring for the sick and poor.

Today, we continue to honor his legacy, and set the tone for future success with advancements in new areas of treatment and innovative techniques that will maintain our commitment to excellence for generations to come.

The Alexian Brothers’ commitment to health care in the Chicagoland area is a long and storied one, spanning several centuries. We encourage you to learn more about the histories of our various facilities and the dedication of those who have given of themselves so that others could enjoy superior and affordable health care.